States in the age of globalization have been plagued with development crises. The complexity of states and human interactions have ushered in and escalated inter and intra-tribal conflicts, resulting in multifaceted problems of poverty, insecurity, mortality and underdevelopment. The absence of sovereign supranational bodies has also increased the quest for peace by state and non-state actors; thus the need to develop policies, programme, initiatives and mechanisms that have the capacity to combat these unfortunate phenomena and stimulate global political and economic ecosystems for amity and security. Kofi Annan Foundation is one foundation designed to actualize these goals. The organization exists to promote good governance and strengthen security paraphernalia across the globe. With its productive campaign, the organization has blazed the trail in peace and security advocacy.



The foundation emerged as a brainchild of Kofi Annan, the 7th Secretary General of the United Nations, who having


served at the highest level of diplomatic brokerage, decided to apply his expertise in the pursuit of peace and security on a global scale. For Kofi Annan, who believes that development is unattainable without security and vice-versa, and prosperity as a mirage without the entrenchment of respect for rule of law and fundamental human rights, the prime move was to build partnerships with governments and organizations to break all barriers to the actualization of set goals. In 2007, he moved to Geneva in Switzerland, where he founded and incorporated the organization as ‘Kofi Annan Foundation’ with the aim of promoting a cautious style of diplomacy in leadership and to drive all processes that would advance development across the globe. In over a decade of its existence, the foundation has retained a style of management that reflects the character of a not-for-profit organization which has been set up to promote good governance and mediation of peace. KAF has continued to pursue Peace and Security, Sustainable Development and Human Rights and the Rule of Law, which it regards as its three essential pillars.


Vision and Mission

The Kofi Annan Foundation seeks to combat threats to peace, development and human rights. Its goal is to mobilize appropriate channels through which political will would be properly stimulated to usher in peace, a fundamental need for all humans. ‘Poverty, armed conflict and poor governance’, according to the Foundation, are ravaging the globe because of the lack of expertise by leadership to proffer evidence-based solutions to the pressing problems.


Activities and Modus Operandi

In its many years of peace and security advocacy, Kofi Annan Foundation has contributed immensely to the installation of peace in crises-torn areas. Through the pedigree of its Chairman, Kofi Annan, it has launched

initiatives to deepen democratic ethos in Africa, Kenya and Nigeria specifically, and change drug policies in West Africa. After its first year of inauguration, the organization made a monumental move towards restoration of peace in Kenya. Kenya which had been engulfed in violence, as a result of the malfeasance and irregularities that characterized its electoral processes in 2008, experienced some calmness after the signing of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act in the state, thanks in large part to Kofi Annan Foundation’s mediatorial role. In 2015, KAF, in partnership with the USAID, International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa went ahead to conduct a drug policy workshop in Accra, Ghana.

With its formidable team, the Foundation has rolled out programme geared towards combating poverty in conflict-ridden parts of Africa. To practically implement Peace and Security, Sustainable Development and Human Rights and the Rule of Law, KAF develops partnerships to mobilize voices of leadership, corporations, and citizens to bear in its lofty objectives of sustainable development, security and peace. Renowned organizations like Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, International Crisis Group, International Centre for Transitional Justice, and Interpeace amongst others have partnered with KAF in delivering its mandate.

Kofi Annan Foundation operates from its secretariat in Geneva, connecting to all parts of the world where interventions are needed. As an independent entity, it thrives on funds secured from both public and private donors without any political interest. It provides policy supports and strategies for enhancing diplomatic relations amongst states; trains young leader on how to maintain good governance through institutionalization of democratic values; and shapes public discussions that would attract public intervention. The Foundation is devoted to keeping the legacy of Kofi Annan and honour him to promote the values he stood for.



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